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Reduction demurrage and/or detention costs for your import containers

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If you are about to face , Stockspots is your no 1 partner to go to.

How  can we assist?

  • Upon arrival of the vessel in Rotterdam or Antwerp, we collect the container from the terminal by truck;

  • The container will be delivered to a warehouse partner of your choice (bonded / non-bonded) including necessary documentation;

  • We will unload the container and return the empty container to the carriers depot;

  • When you require your goods, these can be delivered to you wherever and whenever you would need them, even direct distribution to your end customer is an option frequently used.

What are the costs / savings? 

‘Extra trucking, extra handling? … That must lead to additional charges’. Correct!

But, our flexible handling and storage options can make it very interesting for you.

Our partner network covers all of the Netherlands-Belgium, so we can even find a location near your end customers.

Many customers that we served experienced savings by optimizing the inbound & distribution process.



Are you interested in what Stockspots.eu might be able to save you? Do not hesitate and contact us via: info@stockspots.eu or call +316-24945186

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