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Frigo Breda always has a solution for their customers now.

"With Stockspots we no longer have to say 'no' to our customers."

It’s annoying when you have to tell a customer no, but sometimes there is no alternative. This is what Erik Janse of Frigo Breda resigned himself to for a long time, until Frigo Breda joined Stockspots. Stockspots managed to create more flexibility for Frigo Breda: “Stockspots is a flexible hub for unexpected enquires and periods of overstock.”

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Frigo Breda: Stockspots is a flexible hub for unexpected enquires.

Refrigerated, frozen and ambient warehousing

At Frigo Breda we mainly offer tailored solutions in refrigerated, frozen and ambient warehousing. This is a specific target group and therefore has a limited fallback for extra capacity. Erik was positively surprised after giving the first challenge to the Stockspots team.

“They managed it, and it was definitely not a disappointment! We have now been using this platform for quite a while. “We no longer have to say ‘no’. With Stockspots’ help we can always find a solution and offer our customer an alternative.”

Flexible pool

Erik continues:

“We already worked with some nearby partners, but with Stockspots we now have a more flexible pool which is very exciting for us. Tapping into new locations often requires a long-term commitment and a long lead time. This is why we opt for a flexible pool for unexpected requests. With help from Stockspots, we can always help our customers.”

A flexible pool for overflow and unexpected requests.

Frigo Breda offers a comprehensive solution for logistics in the refrigeration and freezing sector and has extended its locations vastly during these past few years. In spite of their larger capacity and the cooperation with other warehouse partners, they sometimes had to say no, until Frigo Breda joined Stockspots. 

“Our company has grown considerably during these past few years. We scaled up from two to seven warehouses. But in spite of the considerable growth we sometimes still had to say no” says Erik Janse, Business Development Director at Frigo. “I bumped into Coen de Lange by chance at an event and he told me about Stockspots. Seeing is believing I thought. When I had to say no to a customer who was looking for temporary storage for a campaign a little later, I thought: let’s give it a try. I was a little sceptical about whether they would succeed as the request was quite difficult.”

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