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Nowadays it’s a lot harder to find a new DC then it used to be. Peije Bruil, partner at ArcusPlus, agrees: “This is because location choices are in a new phase.” He described five major changes for decision-makers as a result of this new phase. It’s nice to see that these five changes are exactly the same as the five elements of waste we are actively fighting at Stockspots. Really? Yes!

1) Land is scarce

Bruil argues that new-build locations for distribution centres in the Netherlands have become increasingly scarce due to the strong growth and scaling up of the logistics market. He proposes to open our eyes to B-locations and brownfields.

We see another solution: Combat space waste, relocate to locations that already exist.
Land may be scarce, but there is warehouse space in abundance when we start sharing vacant capacity with each other. Since vacancy is precious, it is a shame if we do not use it.

As a shipper, you will find warehouse capacity and fulfilment services from logistics service providers who have temporary space available via our marketplace, from new-build to b-locations. In this way, the logistics service provider makes an extra profit from its (temporary) vacancy and thus contributes to the fight against warehouse waste. An additional advantage for shippers is that they can quickly and cost-efficiently organise their warehouse and fulfilment needs. No long-term contracts or fixed prices, but all on the basis of pay-per-use. With more than 600 European logistics service providers, we will always find a suitable solution for your warehouse needs.

2) A lack of personnel

“Companies are making higher demands while the business climate, especially with regard to the labour market, is tightening. Bruil advises you to carefully analyse what the labour market looks like. Additionally examinate what is has to offer to your company prior to your choice of location.

Our solution: Combat labour waste, join logistics forces
As a shipper, we not only provide you with the available warehouse space and fulfilment services of a logistics service provider, but also with its pool of warehouse staff. This means that you always have the right amount of expert personnel at your disposal. Everything is based on pay-per-use.

3) Good accessibility and infrastructure is crucial

The logistics market requires fast delivery and removal of goods in order to be able to meet today’s delivery conditions. With all the transport by truck, accessibility from a good road network is an important point of attention for the realisation of a new DC, but don’t forget the access to multimodal terminals, carrier-hubs and sorting centres in order to organise the supply and transport of your goods the fastest and most efficient way.

Our solution: Combat transport waste, create a micro-logistics network
Strategically store your goods at various, smaller, localised warehouses in order to better serve your various customer segments. Closer to the customer means faster delivery with fewer km’ers and less CO² emissions. In addition, the establishment of a micro-logistics network offers consumer insights that are especially relevant for e-commerce and that can be used to strengthen the range of products on offer. For example, if you spread your goods over several smaller warehouses, you get more specific information about your customers’ purchasing behaviour per location. Besides, production activities for delivery to the smaller warehouses can be sharpened more strategically. Stockspots gives you the flexibility to select the most favorable locations for your goods within Europe in order to set up your own scalable micro-logistics network. As long as you need it.

4) A destination and image quality plan for the long term

When you have a new DC built, the most important question must be whether there is still enough space on a certain business park, according to Bruil. Sustainability requirements and spatial quality should also be taken into account in the development of a new warehouse. “Especially in times of economic prosperity, planners come up with all kinds of ambitions with regard to colours, use of materials, types of flora and fauna, placement of offices/docks and deviating building lines”.

Our solution: Combat environmental waste by leaving green space intact
The most sustainable solution in the warehousing market does not lie in building the most sustainable warehouse, but in complying with a sustainable mind-set in which we are more aware of what is already available. If we make better use of existing buildings, we will have more green space. Even if we may not yet be able to take the benefits of this directly. The greenery on industrial estates will obviously not emerge spontaneously. Though we will still make a difference for future generations. They will be able to enjoy a greener landscape if we have a more conscious warehouse consumption. That’s worth a lot, isn’t it?

5) The service level of a driver

When choosing a location, timing and speed are essential. It is always a question of whether the municipality where you are going to establish yourself, is competent and driven enough to meet your warehouse requirements. Acting quickly and decisively when there are problems or challenges with planning, permits, contracts, etc. is what you are looking for.

Our solution: Combat financial/time waste, arrange your warehousing flexibly
If you do decide to build a new warehouse because you transcend your own space and you cannot store your goods at another, existing location, it is difficult to estimate in advance how much space you will need in the coming years. Besides, how will you need to set up this space strategically and efficiently? Because supply and demand are subject to many factors, it is wise to have a flexible solution available to deal with these uncertainties in capacity. Our Warehousing Network offers you the flexibility to quickly purchase (temporary) space and fulfilment services when you need it. 

Curious about the warehouse solutions we can offer?  

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