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How scalable are you at the time of Corona crisis?

Investors wanted. Believers in on-demand warehousing.

For companies that are faced with Corona it is difficult to predict when any growth or contraction will occur. In the event of unexpected growth one may be faced with an increasing need for storage and services. During shrinkage it is all the more important to scale down and keep a grip on costs. It is therefore important to make the storage strategy more flexible, scalable and responsive. For more background information also read an interesting blog from the CEO of DHL Consulting, Sabine Meuller about Smart warehousing.

By making use of an additional flexible warehouse layer, such as Stockspots in addition to a long-term solution, companies can easily scale up and down their warehouse activities to better meet the requirements of their customers and spread the risk of vacancy. Through this flexible layer companies can easily and quickly access temporary storage and fulfilment services on a pay per use basis. The world is changing rapidly and insights can change every quarter. Stockspots is there to solve unexpected growth issues or can helps you reduce costs in a downfall.

A current example is the Corona epidemic. Existing Stockspots customers can easily resupply despite local restrictions due to closure or lock-down problems by using a decentralized flexible warehouse layer. This decentralized approach can be set up nationally or internationally. Would you like to know more about the possibilities for your organization?

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