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"Stockspots is our additional service."

As an estate agent Structura Biz only leases warehouses on a long term basis but they are noticing that there are more customers seeking storage capacity for short term. Therefore Jonathan de Plancke, Real Estate Consultant at Structura Biz, tries to help find a suitable solution with the customer, even when the solution is not in their own portfolio. This is how he ended up at Stockspots.

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Warehouses all over Belgium

Stockspots turned out to be the ideal option for Structura Biz’ customer:

“Because Stockspots has warehouses in its network all over Belgium, there was also a location near my customer’s current warehouse. This was the main stipulation from my customer. Another additional advantage for us are the logistics services which Stockspots can offer, as I don’t have experience of that myself”, says Jonathan.

Kept in the loop

Jonathan continues: 

“The enquiry given to Stockspots went very smoothly. My customer was immediately helped with one phone call. In addition Stockspots updated me continuously and a final proposal was quickly presented to my customer. Via Stockspots’ Warehousing Network I can now meet all the needs of my customers which is an important part of an estate agents’ service. I will definitely continue using Stockspots in the future as I was very impressed.”

Structura Biz responds to short-term consumer demands

As an estate agency, Structura Biz only haves warehouses for long-term rental in our portfolio. Though there are many customers in certain sectors that have to deal with seasonal peaks and troughs says de Plancke:

“To handle varying needs, customers are regularly looking for short-term solutions. This is, however, not always easy to find. In order to be able to help your customer with this request it’s important to help him or her find alternative solutions. I certainly see this as an additional service for my customers.”

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