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All of the (logistical) processes surrounding your people, machines, space and goods will be mapped out and integrated with your (financial) administration. Get maximum control over your outbound goods and achieve optimum margins with maximum delivery reliability. Stockspots WMS gives you real-time insight into the effectiveness of your purchasing, sales and warehouse efficiency. 

Aim for the quickest.

The best processing of orders.

Manage orders directly from the platform. Use wave planning, batch picking and other picking strategies. Sort, pack and ship your orders as agreed between you and your customer.

Advantages using Stockspots WMS for outbound logistics. In short:

  • Accept and manage orders in one overview
  • Prioritize customers where necessary and create back orders where necessary
  • Provide reliable delivery time indications if you can’t deliver immediately
  • Work the way it works best for you: put tasks on hold or give them a new priority and delegate orders to an employee or release a set for processing
  • Create your most ideal picking strategy and get suggestions by Stockspots
  • Easily do your Value Added Logistics

We improve

Order management

(Automatically) Upload, accept and manage orders in one overview. Perform financial checks and authorize customers. Compare the order quantity with the existing stock and set self-determined rules to deliver as much as possible and if there is not enough stock to determine which customer will receive which product.

Your balance

Ensure an optimal flow of personnel, machines and goods. Balance different assignments within your warehouse. This way you divide the traffic of people and machines as evenly as possible. This keeps delays to a minimum. Clean up locations by picking from locations with the least stock and optimise the use of space and/or minimize the number of picks by picking at locations with the most stock.

Waves & Batch Picking

Stockspots automatically calculates how many hours a certain wave will take. It takes into account a set maximum number of hours to get this done. Outgoing orders are automatically translated by the system into efficiently compiled picking lists. Pick based on orders that have the same broadcast time. Or choose zone picking. In this case, your warehouse is divided into different zones to reduce walking distances.

Value Added Logistics

Perform additional operations like sealing, unsealing and sticking products or apply gift packaging. Assemble, kit and add extra elements according to requirements per customer, country or product group. Stockspots generates a Bill of Material (BOM) to see which components are needed to deliver an order and to generate picking tasks and track and trace.

Smart warehousing

Via hand scanners, pick-to-view or pick-to-voice systems, you can pick by lot, batch or serial number. All scanning options can be easily integrated with Stockspots WMS. The order picking system automatically calculates the ideal walking route through the warehouse.


Pick according to first-in-first-out or first-expired-first-out for products with an expiry date. Apply relaxed FEFO. This gives priority to the picking of full pallets via bulk or cross docking, as long as the expiration dates of other stocks allow.

Order streaming

Combine order picking with activities such as relocating (more efficient classification) and stock counting to create an optimal flow of activities.


Proceed with care to avoid shortpicks. The WMS only instructs authorized operators to recount a stock. In case of a shortpick, choose to check a new location that has the product in stock. Inside or outside your own warehouse. Or allow delivery less than agreed, if the agreements with your customer allow it. Monitor the history of incomplete deliveries to a customer.

Dynamic Pick Locations

Products are optimally replenished in locations within permitted zones. A maximum distance from the previous pick location is taken into account. In this way, distances between bulk and pick locations are kept short. Mixing of lots is prevented. In this way, larger replenishments can take place and the number of replenishments is minimized.


Stockspots calculates which components are needed to deliver an order. The system generates picking tasks and provides track and trace at the component level. With the stock of the final product, the required stocks of the individual components are monitored.


Assemble for just-in-time assembly of a product. This can be done for a concrete order (kit-to-order) and for maintaining the level of end products (kit-to-stock).

Sorting, Packing & Shipping

Control the sorting, packaging and shipping of your goods from different sorting strategies. Our WMS generates a task list for your staff, prepares orders for shipments with documentation, receipts and automatic links for track and trace systems included. It's easy to connect Stockspots WMS to your trusted shippers.

Create full visibility and efficiency of your supply chain so your warehousing will always be balanced.

Stockspots WMS improves your warehouse operation with ultimate software for inboundstorageoutbounddelivery and the management tools you need.

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