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As consumer behavior increasingly shifts to buying online outside domestic markets, good cross-border delivery performance becomes a necessity. Besides, it will become a huge competitive advantage for the players in the European markets who manage it well. In this article, I will give an overview and explain how businesses in Europe can successfully tackle the challenges of European cross-border delivery.

European Cross-Border E-commerce

Buy shoes in Italy, books in England and art in France with the click of a mouse. One of the examples to illustrate the great achievements of the Internet. It shows how easy international e-commerce makes it for customers to find and buy things at any time and from almost any market.

I am sure that the long-term success of E-Commerce is not only due to the mere ability to shop wherever and whenever we want. The experience of ever-higher service levels when it comes to the delivery of orders plays an important role.

Especially large companies such as Amazon and Zalando continue to strive for a high level of service. Those who shop online have become accustomed to the many benefits of online shopping. Free delivery, free returns, next day delivery and real-time information on delivery progress, such as track events, are services that many customers expect today. For many customers, where the product comes from is secondary.

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