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Retailers are shutting stores and it’s about more than just the rise of e-commerce. Coresight Research for instance, already announced 7,500 store closings in 2019 and predicts that this could increase to 12,000 by the end of the year. According to the investment bank UBS, the growth of e-commerce could result in the closure of another 75,000 stores by 2026. We all point our finger at e-commerce, the ever changing needs of the consumer, growing economic insecurity and higher real estate prices. Fair enough, but isn’t the brick-and-mortar retail just rigid?

Time to say goodbye to the rigid retail landscape

Traditionally, retailers have signed shop leases of 10 years or more, but how do you know if you’re even still ‘going strong’ when you sign the papers as a brand or an entrepreneur with a good idea and awesome products. Consumer hypes disappear as fast as they emerge and before you know it, your product might already be dated. Of course, if you had known that in advance, you’ve could have positioned yourself accordingly, but doesn’t that make you a passionate entrepreneur who dares to take a chance? The current retail landscape doesn’t ask for some old-fashioned thinking. It asks for something new, refreshing and more flexible. That’s why companies like ‘Appear Here’ present the Airbnb solution which allows you to find and rent retail shops, markets and pop-up shops for a minimum of one week. Analysts say the rise of short-term deals such as those made by ‘Appear Here’ is a sign of structural changes in the market.

“We do not believe that the rise in temporary leases will of itself prove temporary; we expect short leases to become a core part of most UK malls.”

Robert Duncan, analyst at Numis, in a report on shopping centre owner Hammerson last month.

Multi-user stores

Another way to highlight your brand in various physical spotlights whilst remaining flexible within a short-term lease, is by collaborative rent. This is used in concept stores where various brands with a joyful mix of different kinds of products are carefully curated to represent and connect to a certain consumer lifestyle. Customers are quickly bored. No wonder that concept stores are rising because they are able to produce an experience by the joyful discovery of new things. Because of the collaborative rent with short-term contracts, it’s easy to add and/or replace new products or brands. It’s a safe and creative haven to try new products, target groups and/or launch a new brand when the products fit the theme.

Multi-user warehouses

Not only retail-shops should become more flexible and collaborative but the warehouse should be too. If you’re not sure about the capacity you need, why settle for long-term warehousing contracts? That’s where Stockspots adds value. Stockspots offers an European marketplace where you can easily rent flexible warehouse space when, and wherever you need it. The perfect solution for brands in times of inventory overflow. With the use of Stockspots you are geared up for the launch of new product lines or a new brand you need to sell in a new (eCommerce) market. Stockspots helps you with the right storage space and fulfillment for any product event that seems to bring uncertain capacity needs. For example, do you need to speed up your distribution to meet your consumer’s high delivery demans? Simply create a scalable network of warehouses that are close to your consumers and reduce lead times and cost.

Flexible warehousing brings you the power to:

Are you ready to make warehousing more flexible? Great! We are here to help you.


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