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VTS was the perfect match for the seasonal peaks of another.

"Stockspots is a great solution to filling a new warehouse."

How do you deal with your customers seasonal peaks? A major logistics service provider* faced this when they had to store a large amount of goods for one of their customers. In addition they had to find an external location for 20,000 pallets for eight months. Stockspots found them the ideal partner: VTS in Boxmeer. 

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Logistic service providers sharing warehousing

Stockspots found warehouse coverage at VTS, where the offer of collaboration with a logistics service provider was very convenient since they just opened a new warehouse that was especially equipped for Pharma and Healthcare:

“The chance of immediately finding a customer to completely fill our warehouse in the first year was slim, and you have to be pragmatic during this time. You often need a helping hand and Stockspots offered just that,” said Joost Hafmans, director at VTS.

Collaboration offered major advantages

Hafmans admits that they had to think about it first, but it offered VTS two major advantages: a guaranteed income for the first eight months and the certainty that the goods would be out of their warehouse after this time to allow them to develop their own portfolio.

Dealing with seasonal peaks together.

The account manager from the logistics service provider explains how they tried to find a short-term solution for their customer, but how they kept facing stiff terms for temporary storage:

“Firstly we check whether we can store the goods in our own locations, of course. We then investigate the possibility of short-term rental options in order to handle these goods using our own workforce. You see, due to the increasing market demand, warehouse owners don’t like renting their location to us for eight months. They prefer to choose contract options for 3 or 5 years.”

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