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Get full control of your inbound stock over multiple warehouses and locations. Set maximum stock levels and order moments. Ensure fast and efficient processing of your incoming goods, both physically and administratively. Connect your webshop with Stockspots and create full visibility and efficiency in your supply chain.

WMS for trading companies

Everything in one overview.

Full control over your stock.

Stockspots WMS visualises your stock. Wherever it is and wherever it goes. From the moment of entry to the placement in the warehouse. Manage your incoming goods over the multiple warehouses and locations you have. Our goal? Creating full visibility and efficiency of your supply chain so your warehousing will always be balanced. No stress, relax!

Advantages using Stockspots WMS for inbound logistics. In short:

  • Incoming goods are automatically pre-notified via an Advanced Shipping Notification (ASN): This contains detailed information about the incoming product, such as batch, lot, serial numbers and best before dates)
  • Easily set rules on how and where a product is stored to work safe and efficiently
  • Your orders are easily shipped to different suppliers
  • Continuous purchasing advice, based on set stock keys

We improve


Receive products on the receipt zone. Generate unique barcodes if needed. Bring them to a pick or bulk location, or a pick/drop zone.

Stock balance

In case of stock differences in the received stock, an order is automatically sent to a lost/found location.


Upload all imaginable file formats. From Excel and web forms to common standards such as EDI, Edifact XML and X12. The system recognises, processes and validates data fully automatically.

Supplier performance

Automatically perform random checks on incoming goods depending on the historical performance of shippers and forwarders.


Returns are automatically logged in. Gain insight into the defects per customer, the reason for return and whether they can be returned. Bring returns back in stock or make them ready for sale first. Destroy defects or dispose of them and claim them immediately.

Cross docking

Streamline receipts and dispatches. Send incoming goods directly to the dispatching zone for faster dispatch of orders.

Smart warehousing

Receive and evaluate suggestions to make processes more efficient. To combine activities (batch picking) or eliminate unnecessary activities for example. New products will be immediately recognised upon entry.


Save intermediate steps. Send a product directly from the unloading dock to a pick location when a product is out of stock. Assign popular products to easily accessible locations using ABC classifications. Classify based on pick frequency or future demand.

Storage types

Establish rules regarding products that absolutely must not be placed in the same space and receive storage advice based on weight and volume. Take into account the maximum number of kilos a location is allowed to carry. Store on the basis of customer-specific stock or factors such as value, perishability and ADR.

Create full visibility and efficiency of your supply chain so your warehousing will always be balanced.

Stockspots WMS improves your warehouse operation with ultimate software for inbound, storage, outbound, delivery and the management tools you need.

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