Together we are stronger.


Investors wanted! We want to grow faster and we believe that we have to join forces with a strategic investor. Someone who believes in our concept and in our growth division for the near future.

Investors wanted. Believers in on-demand warehousing.

Grow with us. We are looking for investors.

In order to realise our goal it is important to find an investor with an European and/or worldwide sales network with which we can offer European coverage of ‘The Warehousing Network’ within 3 years.

Can you offer this and is your business complementary to ours? Do you see and feel synergy? Are we the joint venture on your wishlist? Are you ready to become a warehouse innovatorSaid yes more then twice? Then it must be a perfect match!

Leave us a message or directly get in contact by phone: +31 76 531 5389

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Our vision: no more warehouse waste.