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Our most Frequent Asked Questions.

Gathered in our FAQ. Especially for you.
FAQ. The answers to all of your questions.

Our most Frequent Asked Questions.

Stockspots' FAQ

Search warehouse space.

We built up a network of warehouses and connect customers that require storage space to companies that can provide this space including fulfillment services if required. 

The following activities are automatically included in the platform; looking for locations, requesting quotations, drawing up agreements, creating in and outbound shipments and stock and invoicing management. All of this is visible through the Stockspots’ platform.

If you select a warehouse, you see the details of the selected warehouse (and fulfillment services) and click on ‘request quotation’. The Stockspots team will send the request to the warehouse location you choose via the platform. We will contact you for any further questions regarding your enquiry. The warehouse partner completes the quotation and we send you a message when it is ready for you. Once you have agreed to the quotation, you can create in- and outbound shipments via the secured Stockspots platform and view your stock centrally.

You pay us. We ease the load. We send you a invoice on a weekly basis for all storage and fulfillment services that you purchased. Our week runs from Monday – Sunday and you’re invoiced the following Tuesday. We therefore become your sole contact for all your questions about your warehouse operation which is very practical!

Meet the innovators of the new warehousing world.

Get a quote.

The prices for inbound, outbound, storage and hourly rate are only indicative. As a customer you can easily find your warehouse solution and see the approximate costs. However, the actual prices will be confirmed in an offer. 

No, the indicated amount of pallet places is the number of pallet places this location generally has available for new orders. We will always check in advance whether the location can meet your requirements.

Meet the innovators of the new warehousing world.

Manage your warehousing.

Our platform has a warehouse management system that enables you to view and manage your stock in one or more warehouses. This system uses the product code and name as you indicated when creating.

Our warehouse partners are screened to ensure that their facilities meet our quality standards before warehouse capacity is made available to you.

Physical access to the warehouse is not allowed, because of safety and liability issues. Access for a stock audit is allowed but must be requested and planned in advance. Contact us to plan this.

Make use of additional services.

The transport of goods to and from the warehouse is usually organised by the owner of the goods. But we are happy to offer this service if needed. There is an option for this request on the quotation form. 

Meet the innovators of the new warehousing world.

Offer warehouse space.

You are not bound by anything as a provider of space until the moment that a customer wishes to store their goods with you. 

You can scale your available capacity up and down, or take your warehouse location off at any moment. However, current contractual agreements cannot be terminated immediately. 

All information we show on the Stockspots platform is anonymous. For instance, the exact geographical location on our map cannot be pinpointed due to the fact that the map is enlarged. Our policy is to make sure that the photos of our warehouse partners are as vague as possibile to keep their anonymity. The name of the warehouse location will only be confirmed once the deal is made.

Meet the innovators of the new warehousing world.

Your conditions.

Once a quotation has been agreed we draw up a Storage Contract on behalf of the chosen warehouse location. Each location will have a seperate Storage Contract. The LSC (Logistics Services Conditions) apply between the customer and location as defined by the Court of Rotterdam. In the case of cool or frozen storage we apply the Nekovri Conditions. For the use of the Stockspots’ Platform we apply our general terms and conditions and our privacy policy.

The LSC or Nekovri conditions apply to both contracting parties. When a claim or dispute arises and this has been submitted in writing to Stockspots, we will try to find a solution between both contracting parties. We are not liable for loss, damage, delay or expenses of any nature, which are directly or indirectly related to the agreed storage contract, unless it turns out that this is the result of our negligence.

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