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Retail Distribution

Find your warehouse location on the spot.

Meet the growing demand for direct to consumer Retail Distribution.

Today, a new generation of disruptive brands is shaking up retail — direct-to-consumer eCommerce companies that build, market, sell, and ship their products themselves, without middlemen. Make sure you don’t stay behind. Shorten your last-mile for retail distribution by storing your goods closer to your customers. Always find the best European warehouses in the right time and place and save time and money. 

Retail Distribution
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Don't stay behind.

Shorten your last-mile now

Why would you build several fulfillment centres and be bound by contracts for a long time when you can make flexible use of empty storage of another? With Stockspots you are able to both stock small-quantity as bulk shipments to your stores that meet the high delivery demands of your customers. Create a distribution network of different warehouses close to your customers to make your distribution future proof and reduce lead times and cost. 

There are a lot of unique value points using Stockspots

  • Easy booking and fully scalable warehousing on the corner
  • Reduce inventory holding and last mile transport costs
  • Promise faster delivery to your clients
  • Organise value added logistics services around the corner of your customers and restock your goods as they sell
  • One stop shop for your whole warehouse operation
  • Real-time insights in warehouse locations and stock
  • Controltower and smart dashboards to follow your business and repair your non conformities
  • Short and long-term contracts
  • Pay per use 

The rise of Direct Delivery to Consumer.

As online retail has grown, companies have started leveraging their logistics and transportation resources to provide direct-to-consumer (DTC) delivery without going through intermediaries like wholesalers, retailers or physical. While the consumer product goods industry struggled to sustain growth amid flat sales in recent years, manufacturers have focused on cost-cutting and trimming brands while seeking new avenues for growth using eCommerce. Don’t stay behind. Make use of the DTC successes and strengthen your retail brand while shorten your last-mile with your own warehouse and fulfillment network.


Search for warehousing and additional fulfillment close to your customers.


Select and book every warehouse that meets your requirements.


Send your goods to all of your locations within your own warehousing network.


Keep track over all of your locations.

Your dream. Our mission.

How it works

You will immediately find out that our search and management software is as easy as ordering a pizza online. 

Once you found the right warehouses on our platform you can easily schedule and ship your products to the chosen locations near your customers. 

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Can we help you rethink your distribution model?

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Rethink your retail distribution model and save costs​

Rethink your retail distribution model
and save costs

Compete with the very best in your sector by rethinking your retail distribution model. Continue to amaze your customers with fast delivery and make it yourself easier to quickly adapt to trends and external factors. We love to think along with you to create a distribution model which meets the customers demands of today and which suits your brand best.

Redesign your distribution network and stay ahead of the game​

Redesign your distribution network and stay ahead
of the game

Move away from having just a distribution network designed for bulk shipments to stores. The best way to compete with the high-listed brands of today, with their fast-delivery and quick adaption to trends, is to create a distribution network that also includes small-quantity shipments to individuals. Don't stay behind. Make your warehousing responsive, transparant, scalable and flexible to meet all of your customers demands. We are here to help you.

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