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One platform to manage everything.

Stockspots WMS for logistics and trading companies.

High demands of customers and external factors in our society pressure our warehouses. More adaptability for (unpridictable) movements is required. Stockspots Warehouse Management Software for trading companies ensures a clear flow of goods and any information you need. Trough the combination of financial, logistical and administrative business processes in one system, your warehouse management will become more and more efficient and will give you maximum control over your warehouse operation. Our WMS gives both small, starting traders as international traders and e-commerce players with multiple warehouses the overview they need to quickly make reliable decisions, in any kind of industry.

Stockspots dashboard

Maximum control for trading companies in the Benelux.

Stockspots WMS digitizes your physical flow of goods and optimizes your logistics process.

Advantages using the Stockspots Warehouse Management Cloud Software. In short:

  • Your warehousing in harmony
  • Shorter order cycle and lead times and thus the cost of your entire warehouse operation and supply
  • Reduce errors in logistic processes 
  • Send as many correct orders as possible
  • Grow like you never did before 
  • User friendly: easy register and login
  • Platform security guaranteed
  • 24/7 insights into SLA’s and KPI’s of your customers and suppliers, fast and accurate systems performance
  • Many other intelligent options that suit your needs

Connecting people, supply and demand with the best software.

Your warehouse visibility and control.

Stockspots software is made for traders with ambition. As your business grows, Stockspots grows with you. Are you building an extra warehouse, or do you want to grow internationally? Great, Stockspots supports you. 

Our WMS ensures a clear flow of information and goods. All of the (logistical) processes surrounding your people, machines, space and goods will be mapped out and integrated with your (financial) administration. This not only gives you maximum control, but also enables you to achieve optimum margins with maximum delivery reliability.

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Work more efficiently with automated warehouse management. ​

Why choose Stockspots for trade?

dashboard (3)

Dashboard – Everything you need to know.

24/7 insight into your orders and tasks, your people and machines and your workspace. Know how you perform and how to become better. By integrating order and stock management with your administration & CRM, your stock in number of boxes will automatically be financially processed on your balance sheet. The basis for real-time insight into your entire chain.

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Inbound – Work efficiently. 

Get full control of your stock over multiple warehouses and locations. Set maximum stock levels and order moments. Ensure fast and efficient processing of incoming goods, both physically and administratively. Connect your webshop with Stockspots and create full visibility and efficiency in your supply chain.


Storage – Optimal stock levels.

Gain real-time insight into the current stock in your central warehouse and any other warehouses. Immediately ensure high stock accuracy. Reduce the chance of unforeseen shortages to create optimal stock levels. Your warehousing in harmony. Always.



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Outbound – Full visibility.

All of the (logistical) processes surrounding your people, machines, space and goods will be mapped out and integrated with your (financial) administration. Get maximum control over your outgoing goods and achieve optimum margins with maximum delivery reliability. Stockspots WMS gives you real-time insight into the effectiveness of your purchasing, sales and warehouse efficiency. 



Manager – Provide customers the best service.

Through Stockspots you have direct access to all crucial information, the latest figures on stock positions, cash flow and margins. Warnings and action points included. Manage your warehousing where and whenever you and your goods go.

As your business grows, Stockspots grows with you.

Grow like you never did before.

Do you want to grow your business? We can do it together.

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