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24/7 insight into your orders and tasks, your people and machines and your workspace via our dashboard. Know how you perform and how to become better. By integrating order and stock management with your administration & CRM, your stock in number of boxes will automatically be financially processed on your balance sheet. The basis for real-time insight into your entire chain.

Stockspots dashboard

24/7 visibility of your orders, tasks, workforce, machines and space.

Always in control.

Know how you perform via the most relevant KPI’s and SLA’s for you, your customers and your suppliers. Anywhere, anytime. 

Advantages using the Dashboard. In short:

  • User friendly on any device
  • 24/7 control through insights in your warehouse productivity, availability, accuracy and flexibility
  • Reduce errors in logistic processes
  • Grow like you never did before with the best, personal suggestions to improve your warehouse operation
  • Analyse, share and evaluate your warehousing with others through the ability of exportation and integration in many other (online) software tools

We improve


See the performance and occupancy of your machines and employees. Easily monitor the productivity and occupancy of your warehouse.


See the fill rate of your warehouse activities at a glance and assess the dock-to-stock times of your inbound process. Monitor the fill rate of both your suppliers and, for example, the purchasing team.


See how accurate your warehousing works with the identification of errors and an overview of short picks, balance disrepancies and defects. Easily monitor your deliveries and supplier perfomances and stay in control.


See to what extent your warehouse can absorb fluctuations in demand. View flexibility ranges per customer with minimum and maximum service values. Get a good idea of the number of days service requests exceed the set range.


Receive and evaluate suggestions to make processes more efficient. To combine activities (batch picking) or eliminate unnecessary activities for example.


Create your own measured value. Export your data via CSV. Integrate with e.g. Power BI, Google BigQuery, ClickView and Tableau.

Find the perfect balance for your warehouse operation and keep your warehousing in harmony.

Stockspots WMS improves your warehouse operation with ultimate software for inboundstorageoutbounddelivery and the management tools you need.

Grow like you never did before.

Do you want to grow your business? We can do it together.

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