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Supply chain solutions in the Netherlands

At Stockspots we offer supply chain solutions across the Netherlands. We shape tomorrow’s warehousing to your demands today: flexible, sustainable and on-demand for any kind of warehouse operation. Our solutions are tailored to meet the demands of businesses of all sizes, ensuring that every step from storage to delivery is managed with utmost precision and care.

Inventory Overflow

Your brand growth covered Inventory storage & services, when you need it most. Manage unexpected overflow and seasonality peaks.

eCommerce Fulfillment

Your brand promise fulfilled with fast delivery through Europe
Exceed customers expectations with your own scalable and independent network.

Retail Distribution

Your goods distributed on time, every time and every day
A single platform for flexible distribution to your retail partners.

Value Added Logistics

Care for shippers and warehouse managers
Logistical assistance for the comfort of your customers.

Various supply chain solutions across the continent

Our supply chain solutions extend to a wide array of storage possibilities in Europe, catering to the diverse needs of international businesses. We offer warehousing in several key locations, such as:

  • Rotterdam: access a gateway to Europe through one of the world’s busiest ports.
  • Amsterdam: benefit from a hub that combines rich logistics heritage with modern facilities.
  • Tilburg: take advantage of the strategic positioning with advanced distribution capabilities.
  • Nijmegen: opt for warehousing near the German border for optimal logistics.
  • Venlo: utilize storage solutions in a city known for its logistical prowess and connectivity.

Each location has been selected for its strategic importance to Europe’s logistics network, ensuring that your goods, such as lithium, are stored efficiently and can be dispatched promptly to their final destination.

environmental care

Sustainability matters

We are committed to fight warehouse waste. Twenty percent of existing warehouses have temporarily empty spots while new DCs continue to be build. To reduce this idle storage capacity, we simply match it with owners of goods who are looking for space. Today, we already matched more than 600 warehouse providers with shippers and manufacturers all over Europe. Due to our supply chain solutions, we realize cost savings and create a greener environment for our next generation.

Are you ready to join our 2024 goals?

20 %
Reduction of European warehouse waste

Warehousing that suits you

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Why clients choose us?

Because we deliver on our promise: Stockspots Everywhere®

Via our platform we provide you flexible warehouse space and additional supply chain solutions in record time. We strive to make a difference. Therefore, we work with the best, for the best. To meet our customer needs, we constantly monitor our services to improve and deliver our promise:

Customer satisfaction 76%
Quality of our warehouse matches 89%
Yearly growth of our Warehousing Network                                                                         143%
Occupancy of our warehouses 87%
KM reduction   21%  

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