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Become an excellent manager of your warehousing. Through Stockspots you have direct access to all crucial information, the latest figures on stock positions, cash flow and margins. Warnings and action points included. Manage your warehousing where and whenever you and your goods go.

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Smart warehousing has never been easier.

Upload and manage all your warehouse data.

Create your online profile and chat with colleagues, suppliers and carriers. Set up business rules and customize them whenever you want. Determine what data is exchanged with whom. Like other departments and 3rd parties. Simply manage your smart warehousing.

Advantages using Stockspots WMS for the management of your warehousing.

  • Find all current and planned work in one overview. Of yourself and your colleagues
  • Easily upload all your existing data in Stockspots WMS
  • Process the different locations and types of carriers in the system
  • Set up roles for your team, easily share information with specific groups and assign different permissions and user levels
  • Share your work with third parties
  • Enable third parties to reserve timeslots and communicate the content of deliveries
  • Link track and trace systems of carriers like PostNL, Sandd, GLS, DPD, DHL and Transsmart
  • Connect your webshop platform (Magento, WooCommerce, Typo3, Prestashop, BigCommerce and Lightspeed)

We improve

Your workforce

Find all current and planned work in one overview. Of yourself and your colleagues. Chat with operators on the shop floor. Personalize your home screen to see important information at a glance. Set up what information third parties can access, such as your customers, suppliers and carriers. Enable them to reserve timeslots and communicate the content of deliveries.

Your data

Easily upload all your existing data in Stockspots WMS. From Excel and web forms to all conceivable file formats. Compose your products and assortments. Compile different price lists. Process the different locations and types of carriers in the system. Set up roles for your team.

Products and assortements

Easily define a product in our WMS with for example SKU codings and images. But also maximum order quantities and historical data. Add extra data yourself via open fields. Add customer-specific product data, such as codes, customer desired descriptions and agreed assortments.


Draw up general price lists with individual discounts. Or define prices per customer, depending on purchase and assortment agreements.


Register different location types, such as pick and bulk locations and arrival and departure zones. But also staging docks and ABC locations. Add associated properties, such as cooling, quarantine and specific dimensions.


Set standard or different sizes for pallets, cardboard, boxes, trolleys and much more. Register your storage, transport and scanning systems.


For fast and wrinkle-free shipping, Stockspots links to the track & trace systems of carriers such as PostNL, Sandd, GLS, DPD, DHL and Transsmart.


Do you have an ERP system yet? No problem at all. Thanks to the link with the usual administration and ERP packages (such as Afas, Exact Online, Quick Start, Unit4, SAP, Oracle, Navision and Microsoft Dynamics), Stockspots WMS can easily be fitted in as a sub-module.


Our system also works seamlessly with webshop platforms such as Magento, WooCommerce, Typo3, Prestashop, BigCommerce and Lightspeed.


Link Stockspots WMS to your material handling control systems and programmable logic controllers. For example conveyors, automatic wrapping machines and video equipment.


Set up costs for managing and processing pallets. Compile lists of your services and service fees customers. These can be external or internal customers. Like your procurement team. Send periodic invoices. Link with Exact Online, AFAS or one of the many other ERPs for exchanging financial data.


Automatically register the working hours of your team. Define standard times per activity based on historical data. This way you can classify manpower based on the expected workload. Set up skill sets, such as dealing with delicate material. Or driving a forklift truck. Add different skill levels for your team members. Monitor progress on individual and team level.

Create full visibility and efficiency of your supply chain so your warehousing will always be balanced.

Stockspots WMS improves your warehouse operation with ultimate software for inboundstorageoutbounddelivery and the management tools you need.

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