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How does the Stockspots Leadfeed works?

The Stockspots leadfeed gives you the opportunity to receive free leads from shippers within the Stockspots warehousing network. We will provide detailed information so you can match this with your idle capacity.

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Phone: +31 652302921


Subscribe on the Stockspots leadfeed. You will receive leads from shippers on general basis.


If there is interest in a certain lead just click on the button in the mail which states, contact me. On short notice one of our team members will contact you to clarify if your space matches the needs of our clients.


When there is a match we provide an opportunity to ask for more needed details. Based on this information you can make an offer for storage per week, in and outbound and any other additional services.


After agreement we will arrange the contract between you as a Logistic Service Provider, the shipper (principal) and Stockspots (broker). When the contract is signed you get access to our Stockspots control tower to manage the storage contract.

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How it works

You will immediately notice that our leadfeed service is as easy as ordering a pizza online. 

Once you’ve found the right lead (s) on our leadfeed letter, you can easily get more information by contacting our lead service team.

Hungry to try it out now? It’s free, so where are you waiting for?

How can we help you?

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