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Fight warehouse waste with us.

Innovating warehousing.

The idea is simple. At Stockspots you can easily find and book warehouse capacity and fulfilment services where and whenever you need it. Have you got space left? Easily offer your idle space and make a profit out of unused warehouse space. Curious about the new warehousing world we are trying to create? Read our vision and mission below.

Our vision: no more warehouse waste.

No more warehouse waste.

Our vision

Our vision is simple: The future of warehousing doesn’t consist of possessing a warehouse. Nowadays, 20%-30% of existing warehouses has temporarily empty spots while new DC’s continue to be build. That’s what we call waste. If we want our next generation to live in a green environment, the future of warehousing should be shared.

The advantages are big. Sharing unused warehouse space and associated fulfillment services saves costs and creates profit out of unused facilities. From warehouse space to even people.

By fighting warehouse waste, we decrease the waste of space, environment, transport, finance and labour. Book temporary idle warehouse space and additional fulfillment services and fight with us.

Our mission

We are the authority in Europe’s on-demand warehousing and innovators in the new warehousing world. 

By facilitating The Warehousing Network we make it easier to solve warehousing issues and to fight warehouse waste for a more sustainable and greener world.

Our mission: fight warehouse waste through Europe with the Warehousing Network

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