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Lampdirect uses Stockspots for inventory overflow.

"Stockspots offers a fast solution for inventory overflow."

Trying to find space quickly when you are facing an unexpected purchase is not uncommon in warehousing. It’s then nice to know that you can find an immediate solution with Stockspots. This is also the experience of Christian van der Sanden, Logistics Manager at Lampdirect. He was looking for temporary warehouse space due to the company’s growth and found a fast solution for inventory overflow

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Arranged in a day

The lack of availability and non-flexibility in long-term contracts hampered Christian’s search. Thankfully, a purchasing colleague recommended Stockspots. After one phone call, Christian received three offers that day of nearby warehouses. The next working day the first full trailer was already on its way.

Stockspots offers more than just
a solution for temporary overflow

Due to persistent growth, Christian was forced to find a solution for long-term overflow. Stockspots put Christian into contact with a network of interesting parties for his warehousing activities and eventually Christian found a new warehouse for Lampdirect via Stockspots.

Quick growth required flexibility.

The quick growth of Lampdirect resulted in higher purchasing.

“The warehouse suddenly faced warehouse overflow issues because of the purchase of 300 extra pallets and therefore caused a temporary lack of space in our own warehouse. This went on for about three months, until we decided that more space was required.”

Christian used the normal channels to find additional space. One of Lampdirect’s key demands was the proximity of the overflow space to ensure the present delivery guarantee to customers: order before 11 pm and it’s delivered tomorrow.

“External renting, including transport and handling, is more expensive than having your own storage of course. However, the Stockspots price was similar to the costs of our fully-booked neighbour that we normally turn to with an overflow situation.”

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